Kanye West’s wife Bianca Censori’s “inappropriate” outfit creates a stunning sight in front of crowds of fans in Italy

KANYE West and Bianca Censori have again surprised their fans with their questionable fashion choices in Italy.

The Australian architect faced a negative reaction due to the fact that she wore an almost nude image, but continues to raise the ante.

46-year-old Kanye and Bianca were spotted in Florence, having gathered a huge crowd of spectators.

They didn’t seem impressed by the attention.

The Chicago rapper turned to his Australian wife, instructing her how to pose while photographing her outfit.

She was seen in a skin-colored suit, from which her broad chest threatened to fall out.

Bianca paired the ensemble with matching tights and high-heeled shoes.

Kanye, who was fully dressed in all black and his head and face were covered, as he had done during several recent walks, showed him where to stand by guiding his body with his hands and pointing.

A video from the walk was posted on TikTok and Instagram, where commentators shared their thoughts.

Several commentators noted the unusual nature of the interaction, and one suggested: “This is all a social experiment.”

Someone else wrote: “Bro, he’s showing everyone that he can make another kim…”

Kanye is so funny, wrote a third fan.

Other critics expressed their opinion about the fashionable choice of the couple .

One wrote: She needs to start dressing herself.

“Very disappointed,” another person commented.

A third commenter asked: “Why is she not wearing shoes?”

“Imagine you are completely covered up and your wife is naked,” someone else chimed in.


Many online reviewers have expressed concern about Bianca throughout her relationship with Kanye.

Many have noticed changes in her appearance, including her decision to get a haircut, become a bleached blonde and a recent tendency to appear in public in completely transparent outfits.

Bianca rarely shows emotion while walking with Kanye, but fans could catch a glimpse of a smile when the architect and her boyfriend were spotted having an informal lunch in Berlin earlier this month.

The couple was spotted eating kebabs in the park on September 16.

Bianca was wearing a sheer jumpsuit that exposed her breasts and tiny underwear that protected the rest of her modesty.

Kanye was completely covered again.

She had a black handkerchief on her face, leaving a hole through which she could eat without taking it off.

However, in other photos, her face was completely covered.

Bianca put on a smile, enjoying the day next to her man.


Recently, Kanye’s wife has left little to the imagination in her clothes.

Many have gone so far as to call their fashion choices “indecent” and have called on the Italian authorities to intervene and take action.

Other fans are busy speculating that Bianca is expecting her first child with the musician.

The couple came out earlier this month in their now typical style: Kanye is completely covered up, and Bianca is extremely naked.

However, leaving the Da Cracco restaurant in Milan, fans noticed that Bianca, dressed in flesh-colored leggings and a sleeveless blouse, was clutching a pink pillow to her chest.

At that time there were rumors about the possible birth of a child.

Observation fueled this assumption.

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