Karyophylla Karabeti: her blue electric suit is the burst of colour we need in autumn

The costume is a must piece of the wardrobe, regardless of gender. Although it was once associated with men’s clothing, in the last 10 years its role has been redefined. The costume, in 2023, has no gender and has been established as a wardrobe staple that is worn all year round. Karyophilia Karabeti is the celebrity who wore it most recently, reminding us of its timeless value.

In autumn, the costume is a must part of the wardrobe and among the browns, grays and blacks that we prefer at this time, the Greek actress redefines it. Karyophylla Karabeti shows us that this classic has a terrible impact on our looks, especially if we wear it in a bold shade. In her recent appearance, the well-known actress instead of the earthy and neutral shades that we are used to wearing at this period, preferred color.

Karyophyllia Karabeti says “yes” to color in autumn

Karyofilia Karabeti, on Wednesday, September 18, was at the Pallas Theatre, on the occasion of the opening of the 29th Athens International Film Festival Opening Nights. For the occasion, the charming actress made an impressive appearance. By using color, she proved that one can create an elegant ensemble, based on a classic, autumnal piece of the wardrobe: the suit.

Choosing one in cobalt blue shade (electric blue), breathed new life into the classic suit. The ensemble was accompanied with a frugal styling, wearing a black top through her jacket, black booties and a black clutch bag.

The intense blue matched perfectly with the tonality of her skin, but also her brown hair and eyes which “lit up” through this bold shade. A look that completely deviates from her appearance in the trailer of the recently released film Slayer, in which she stars.

What makes a special impression, then, is the color she chose for her costume. Among the neutral and earthy shades with which the autumn outfit is identified and let alone a piece like the costume, Karyophylla Karabeti shows us the power of color. An intense shade can provide a dynamic effect and be as drastic as an impressive long dress.

The element of glam is offered in a very different way through the intense shades, and the appearance of the actress confirms this. Sometimes, you don’t need sequins, metallic fabrics and glitter to stand out with your appearance. Through the “simplicity” of an intense color, we can represent glam, differently.

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In the other good news of the day, Karyophylla Karabeti supported a big autumn trend we saw at Fall 2023 collections at London Fashion Week: the “otherwise”costume. Through its bold colour and loud prints, the suit was reborn in the collections of British designers who, like the actress, suggest we look at it with another eye.

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