Katie Holmes renewed her haircut with naivety

It’s autumn, the season that “demands” renewal and Katie Holmes has decided to change her hair a little by naively cutting it. A small change that will give a stylish result.

Brides – no matter how sophisticated the style is – look so unpretentiously sexy . It is her retro aesthetic that makes her unique and ready to renew any haircut with ease . For example, if you do not want to lose the length of your hair, you can cut off a few curtain bangs. They combine them with loose hair, with a loose ponytail or a low bun hairstyle.

The same thing happened with Katie Holmes, who gave a good inspiration for the autumn months. And if you get tired of them or in the end realize that they do not suit you in your everyday life, you just let them grow. Let’s take a look at her new haircut below.

In September, the camera captured the actress in New York with her new haircut. The following photos are from different walks, so they will also give you different ideas on how to style them.

In the first photo, Katie Holmes’ hair is styled smoothly, with her belly buttons also being straight, creating the characteristic”opening ” of the curtain fringes.

With her short white coat, black pants and this particular haircut, we could say that she offers a bit of the je ne sais quoi of the French .

In the second photo, Katie Holmes let her curls show the natural texture of her hair. The height at which they were cut (touch the eyebrow) gives the hair movement and looks more unpretentious.

An example that confirms that if the cut is correct, you can simply dry the N. V. with your hair dryer.

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