Kendall Jenner: She wore the shirt as a dress and yes, it’s the perfect Sunday outfit

If there is a woman from the Kardashian-Jenner family with whom I can build a “mansion”, then it’s Kendall Jenner. The rest is just there because we love to “hate” them (OK, big hate talk) and comment on them when we are gossiping with our friends.

In my opinion, the only well-dressed member of the family is Kendall Jenner, whose style – unlike Kim’s, for example – has an authenticity and a naturalness that can only inspire. This is confirmed by her latest look, which has all the ingredients of a stylish, cool, relaxed and simple set that makes it perfect for a day like today.

The Sunday look should be relaxed and not too much (if that expresses us) and not take up too much of our day’s time, which is intended for Netflix & Chill, walking around the city, going to the cinema or brunch. So if you are wondering what to wear today, Kendall Jenner has the perfect proposal that I promise you can also try.

The looseness of Kendall Jenner’s oversized shirt is just what we need for our Sunday look

Kendall Jenner is in New York and decided not to wear pants during a casual walk around the city . In my ears as a fan of the “No Pants Club” this sounds like Beethoven’s 5th Symphony. The ease of not having to wear pants, especially on a day like Sunday, is incomparable. In fairness, the model was in shorts, so she did not come out with absolutely nothing, but still. If you remove a piece from your ensemble, you will already become more relaxed. Her fashion line also helped in this.

The looseness of Kendall Jenner's oversized shirt is just what we need for our Sunday look

In particular, Jenner wore a blue and white striped shirt . The shirt was wide and loose cut, which allowed her to wear it as a dress. Under the dress (without appearing) she wore black shorts – for practical and obvious reasons.

What took away from her look was the simple and purposeful style. For this reason, she highlighted the formal style of her shirt by pairing it with a pair of simple black loafers . Which made her look more discreet, casual, but also more intimate (at least for all of us who don’t walk in high heels every day).

Of course, a pair of sneakers or even a pair of boots – if the temperature drops a little – would go just as well with this ensemble, which is distinguished by its relaxed mood.

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A simple look that, in my opinion, is worth a try and enjoys its relaxed elegance . All you need is a baggy shirt and a pair of loafers. Now if you want to add jewelry to add a personal touch to the look, this is a yes from me.

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