King Emeritus Juan Carlos I celebrates his victory over Corinna Larsen

The legal dispute between Corinna Larsen and Juan Carlos I seems to have ended. After years of complaints from the businesswoman, the King Emeritus was supported by the British courts in relation to the harassment lawsuit.

The British court filed the lawsuit this week, agreeing with Emeritus and dismissing the $ 146 million requested by Corinna, as the court did not have jurisdiction. The decision, announced this Friday, October 6, ends a court case that has lasted more than a year.

After Don Juan Carlos learned that the businesswoman does not agree with this phrase at all and reserves the right to continue her legal dispute with the emeritus king, it was even Don Juan Carlos who spoke about what he thinks through various public statements. this sentence. They all have something in common, and that is that he is satisfied with the decision of the London courts.

In a letter to Agence France Presse, she welcomes the decision of the London Court, which, according to its communication to Europa Press, completely and conclusively dismissed the submitted case and concluded that the case has no real prospect of success and therefore cannot and will not go to court.

Her Majesty has always ruled that the plaintiff’s application lacks substance or merit. His emphatic rejection of all the harassment allegations made by the plaintiff was also noted by the Court of Appeal in its decision of December 2022, and the English courts have now completely rejected and dismissed the lawsuit, he noted.

This is good news, not only in court, since, according to Cadena COPE, it will allow him to make new public appearances, now that he does not have the shadow of a complaint. In this way, the King Emeritus was able to leave Sanxenxo during his visits to Spain and take further tours beyond the regattas.

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