Klelia Andriolatou: Her House Is Full Of Flowers and Influences Of The Little Prince

We already know enough about Clelia Andriolatou . This time it’s time to see a few clicks from his home in the capital, decorated with flowers and with clear influences from the iconic fairy tale The Little Prince .

Clelia Andriolatou revealed to us the most interesting decoration places in her home

So, the actress, who is quite active in social networks, published on Instagram Stories a series of rare photos showing part of the decoration of her house in Athens.

Flowers and art, wrote Clelia Andriolatou in the description of the first photo that revealed an impressive deco spot in her house. The latter consists of 3 vases with bouquets and pampas grass . One of the vases, as well as a large painting are on the floor. Here are 10 inspiring ideas to include paintings and frames in the decoration without making holes in the walls.

Then Klelia Andriolatou revealed to us the decor of her living room, in which a huge white bookcase stretches over the entire surface of the wall . On her shelves, the actress placed books, candlesticks, vases, framed photos and various decorative figurines that add additional interest to the overall aesthetics of the room. The highlight of the decoration is the pot with the lemon tree, which gives the necessary color brilliance.

Clelia Andriolatou approaches one of the many shelves in the library and shows us details of the decorative composition. A glass bottle with a blue rose branch , with a packaging on the theme of the Little Prince, as well as a small Japanese-inspired Moderna painting give an interesting result.

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