Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker have lost their son’s name a little

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker invited their friends and family to a fun party at their home in California last Sunday. It was a ‘baby shower’ whose theme was inspired by the fantasy worlds of the Disney factory as well as its popular amusement parks. The TV star, who was responsible for organizing the event to celebrate the upcoming birth of her fourth child , the first of her marriage to the musician, spared no expense to ensure that the decoration, drinks and food met expectations.

Since everything went perfectly, the couple soon added posts from the party on their social networks and posted numerous photos and videos on their respective Instagram accounts. Kourtney and Travis wanted to show initiatives as original as the quartet of hairdressers they had hired to receive their guests, in a clear reference to the movie ‘Mary Poppins’ or the imposing pie in which Mickey Mouse appeared at the wheel of a boat. in the form of a bottle.

However, the transparency of the information may have played a trick on you. The most attentive Internet users, while examining some pictures of the wish tree that the Klan had installed in their garden, noticed that in one of the handwritten notes the possible name of the creature can be read: Rocky . This theory is not far-fetched, if we take into account the statements that the drummer of the Blink-182 band made this summer about his preferences in this regard.

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“I like the name Rocky 13,” he revealed in an interview with Complex magazine, before explaining his reasons. “Rocky George was the guitarist of the band Suicidal Tendencies, while 13 is the best number ever,” he said.

For his 16-year-old daughter Alabama from his previous marriage to Shanna Moakler, this proposal is “absurd” and he expects that Kourtney will immediately veto it. Travis may have gotten what he wanted in the end.

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