Lara Alvarez communicates a new rescue of GH VIP 8 that surprises the public

For the first time, the presenter was instructed to reveal the name of the last contestant who was saved from the rope dance.

The VIP Big Brother competition is progressing and after the participation of three aspiring participants, two of whom will remain in the competition, the momentum of the expulsions continues. Last Thursday, Susana and Zeus were voted the most, and Albert Infante, Javier FernAndez, Jessica Bueno and Gustavo Guillermo play next to them .

It should be noted that after the disturbance of last week and after being saved by the audience as the second with the fewest votes, Albert did not take this nomination so seriously. In addition, Javier, who left with two MARTHA stings, celebrated being in the spotlight because he wanted a little life at home: my only concern is whether I drink coffee or not, he explained.

And after Zeus and Jessica were saved from the nominations last Sunday, this Tuesday in the last-minute connection, Lara Alvarez revealed a new saved candidate. After Lara canceled the voting and displayed the blind percentages of the nomination, where the one with the fewest votes received a third of the votes of the remaining 7% compared to 21% of the following, she received the envelope in which the name was revealed . so desired.

Figure skater Javier FernAndez was the candidate chosen by the public with only 7% of the audience votes, so Gustavo, Susana and Albert were still among the nominees. I didn’t know what to expect, because I was tense at home, thinking about who would leave , explained the skater, who pointed out that it is very difficult to know what to expect these days.

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