Lara Alvarez Opens Up about Her Alleged Relationship with Brad Pitt

Lara Alvarez has reached a point where they no longer know how to give her a boyfriend , but this time the presenter accepted it with humor, since she is linked to none other than Brad Pitt . Yes, yes, it is rumored that Lara would have a relationship with the Hollywood actor and in the end she had to clarify what is happening between the two.

Brad Pitt is also not devoid of rumors, and since he divorced Angelina Jolie after 12 years of relationship, his girlfriends have even come out of the stones. Whether it’s the artist Andra Day or the model Inés de Ramón, it’s about combining them.

Well, what happens when two of the most desirable singles don’t match because they match each other and that’s it. What does Lara Alvarez think about her relationship with Brad Pitt? Well, you will be surprised by his reaction.

Lara Alvarez talks about her relationship with Brad Pitt

Obviously, the presenter also received rumors that she is dating Brad Pitt and she, surprised by the information, decided to reply on her social networks to clarify everything.

I never thought that this would be a question that I would have to answer at some point in my life, she said.

Then he faced the rumors about his alleged new relationship with humor: I must admit that I do not show enough gratitude to all the people who ask me if I am really with Brad Pitt.

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I’m not saying that this could be possible at some point in my life, I won’t be the one to rule out this wonderful possibility, but no. My Brad Pitts right now, those two dwarfs you see there are Noa and Luna, he said, pointing the camera at his dogs.

But hey, I have to thank everyone who asked me that they made my day happy. Thank you, a kiss to all of you, he concluded.

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