Laura Escanes has the top with transparencies and an original neckline, ideal for celebrating

Extravagant and risky, this is the outfit that the influencer has fallen in love with and that will become his favorite of the season.

A friend’s birthday is approaching, the celebration of a good news or just the fact that you have a desire to go out and celebrate a lot. As with all the outfits of this season, the extravagant ones among those that we go to a club with our friends should not be missed. Metallic clothes, dazzling plateaus and cutouts or transparencies have become the queens of the dance floor.

In search of inspiration, we turn to social networks Laura Escanes. The influencer has proposed US the most incredible little black dress that helps to highlight our curves, the most striking silver pants and this time she has left us speechless with an original top.

The piece in question has everything that is needed to become one of our favorite essentials: neckline in the shoulder area and original openings in the neckline and on the sleeves. Black jeans will complete the look, but a fitted skirt of the same tone to simulate a dress is another alternative that you should consider this fall.

Wearing bows in her hair, as her mother used to wear as a child, is now common among celebrities, and since there is no trend that can escape the influencer, she also resorted to this accessory. With her now characteristic polished semi-updo hairstyle, Laura completed her style with a sky blue design that stands out against the mahogany color of her hair.

Returning to the basic wardrobe that has caught everyone’s eye, we have good news if you have fallen in love with it: it is available in the ASOS catalog.

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