Laura Escanes shares the most beautiful photos with her daughter Roma: so forever

Laura Escanes is one of the celebrities closest to social networks, where she often posts content that goes beyond her looks, hairstyles or manicure. The Catalan ‘influencer’ usually shows us some of the plans she makes with Roma, her daughter, together with Risto Mejide, and we always fall in love because they have an ideal mother-daughter relationship.

The content creator spends Saturday in the best company, the four-year-old girl whom she called the love of her life a few days ago. In her new post, Laura has put together some snaps of the mother and daughter relationship and melted her followers with how cute they are cuddling together on the couch. So forever, she wrote in the caption, along with lots of heart emojis. Of course, always without showing the girl’s face, and she and Risto are committed to their daughter’s privacy.

On October 2, little Roma blew out four candles, and her proud mother wanted to celebrate with a stylish party with a Disney theme, pink carpets and a climbing area. A very special celebration to which the ‘influencer’ added beautiful congratulations to her Instagram profile, where she published an adorable photo of her hands together with a small heart .

Days earlier, Laura was quite sensitive to remember that her daughter would already complete four trips around the Sun. In a week it will be four years since I met the love of my life and I am getting emotional, she commented visibly moved.

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