Lip Sync battle: follow the preparation of Jo Elimio Augusto Liberato

As much as streaming is an increasingly powerful, present and effective reality, television is one of the passions of Brazilians. Always. And one of the biggest duels in history will be repeated next Sunday, October 8th. A real battle of the Titans. Or rather, Jo Elimios.

This Wednesday, October 4, the recording of the lip-syncing fight between Jo 2o Augusto Liberato and Jo 2o Guilherme Silva, the sons of Gugu Liberato and Fausto Silva, will take place at the estdio Globo in the west zone of Rio de Janeiro.

How was the battle of the fathers?

In particular, those who tried television in the 1980s and 1990s followed the real struggle for the audience, which existed on weekends. What you see today is not even close!

On Saturdays, on one side of the ring lived the night, by SBT. On the other hand, lost at night, in the band.

Later, on Sundays, Gugu’s program on record and Doming do Faust on Globo.

Gugu Liberato and Fausto Silva have always fought for the public in a healthy way, which has always benefited the public.

Step by step by Jo Elimio Augusto

Gugu Liberato’s heir arrived at 11 in the morning accompanied by his girlfriend and his father’s former adviser, Esther Rocha. Ten minutes later he was already in the locker room. There, costume designer Marcia Maia, who took care of her father’s style for 20 years, made the final adjustments to the three looks that Jo Elimio would wear during the recording.

“I liked everything,” he said in a few words.

At 11: 22, Flavio De Figueiredo, costume assistant of TV Globo, was ready to give even more support and advise on the final rehearsal. Jo psorio Augusto, extremely polite and helpful, also received a short visit from Bruno Cruvinel, director of the painting, and Caio Coutinho at 11: 48 am. A few changes to the artistic direction and everything was fine. Osvaldo Arcas, the main costume designer of the show, also added a special touch.

Fitness, but no frills

During the lunch break, at 12:17, Jo Elimio Augusto made his only order since his arrival at the studios: healthy food: medallions of filet Mignon, corn cream and salad. To drink water.

I do that.. 17% Body fat. Before I started training, I was 22 years old. “I want to be 12,” she said.

An illustrious visit

Someone knocks on the door of the dressing room at 2: 11 am. May I come in? the host asks, Luciano Huck.

Sunday host Elimo gets emotional when he tells Jo Elimo about the importance and reference of Gugu in his career.

The young man replies: I am very happy and excited. “I admire you very much, Luciano,” Jo Elimo said.

For testing

2: 35, Time for the last rehearsal, with costumes and surprises for the last number.

We stop here because there are no spoilers! And an important detail: because it’s a fight, there is absolute secrecy between the jets. One has no idea about the production of the other. For this reason, we only follow Jo Elimio Augustus. But with all the fear of knowing what Jo Elimio Silva will present…

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