Lost Fragment is a Japanese horror game with realistic and controversial graphics

A new Japanese horror game shows similar graphics to the Unrecord shooter, which has caused controversy because of its realistic violence

Lost Fragment is a new horror game that has attracted attention on social media due to its high realism, which was also seen in the Unrecord game and brings with it the same controversial topics. The game appeared in a video released by an unknown producer, Nihil inane Studio, allegedly from Osaka, Japan, on X (formerly Twitter) and YouTube, with a less than 1-minute teaser of the game.

According to the details shown in the video, the graphics of Unreal Engine 5 are generated by Epic Games, but there is no other information about lost fragment, such as the platforms on which it will be available or the release date.

The game’s announcement video shows an armed person in the middle of an abandoned Japanese hospital. While walking and observing the surroundings, the character studies strange sounds that lead him deeper and deeper into the place. There are no horrors or revelations about what would make up the sound, because after 45 seconds the video ends and the title of the game “Lost Fragment” is revealed. Although not much has been revealed about the title, the atmosphere of exploring an abandoned place with realistic graphics gives a good feeling of fear.

The studio commented to some users on its Twitter account that the entire demonstration was done by hand, without using technologies such as photogrammetry, which usually gives good results when reproducing 3D areas through photos of real places. Nihil inane Studio has also posted a second video on his Twitter account in which he changes the position of an object in real time to demonstrate that it is a real game.

Similar to Unrecord, a police game that was released in April 2023 with extremely realistic graphics, players wondered if the title would actually exist. Since it came from an unknown studio, and its graphics were very impressive, many thought that it could be just a rendering that does not work in real time, or even a video shot in a real place simulating game actions.

Unrecord from the theater studio also uses Unreal Engine 5. The new generation of the graphics engine from Epic Games is used in game development for PlayStation 5 ( PS5 ), Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC, as, for example, in the recent remake of Layers of Fear (2023). Both games can use the new technologies of the engine, such as nanites, to reproduce objects with a high level of detail and lumens for more realistic lighting.

Although the games are in the potential of the engine, the caution of the players is justified, since they come from unknown studios. Unrecord is available at least through the Steam Digital Store, which indicates the intention to release it at some point. Lost fragment currently exists only with a display in video format.

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