Lota can be promoted to the third place with ten victories in a row without playing thanks to the court

The team of Minas Gerais is on the verge of playing in the third promotion league B thanks to ten wins per secretary.

In the Tercero B, the fifth division of Chilean football, an unusual situation is imminent. Lota Schwager, a team that started the year as a “visiting team”, will play in the promotion league thanks to a boost from Santiago’s second civil court.

We say this because the team from the south has ten victories in a row per secretary, that is, without entering the field. The reason? Well, eleven matches that were pending after being suspended by ANFA after the fight against Municipal Mejillones in 2022.

After the resumption of the competition and after the regular phase had already ended, ANFA decided to reschedule these eleven matches in 22 days. Incredibly, Lota had to enter the square every 48 hours to finish the competition.

However, since we are talking about teams from the Third Division, where many teams were already fixed at the end of regular time, the team with the lamp literally had no one to play with these days.

And what solution did you have? Well, Lota has ten victories without playing a single game for the secretary. In this way, he added the not inconsiderable sum of 56 points and was the leader of group B of the Tercera B tournament.

“The points scored as a “guest “in the championship of the Third Division B, which had to be entered in a” parallel table “, must be included in the” official table “of the championship positions in order to be considered effectively and officially, ” they stated from the Second Civil Court of Santiago.

Lota, in the league for promotion

Thus, Lota Schwager can claim his place in the League to compete for promotion alongside Naval, Provincial Talagante, Gol y Gol, Constituci9n Unidos, Imperial Unidos, Municipal Ovalle, Sim9n Bolovar and Tricolor De Paine.

It is recalled that this mini-tournament has already started and could not be played until a date in September, since it was suspended due to the appeal submitted by the Lothians.

Now it remains to be seen what position ANFA will take in this regard, namely the inclusion of Lota in the league, either by replacing one team or increasing the number of participants to nine. The key times come in the fifth category of Chilean football.

How many teams from Tercera B are promoted to Tercera A in Chilean football?

The leader of the standings and the sub-leader for the promotion, after completing the two rounds of the last octagon, will receive tickets for the third A during the 2024 season. At this time, after only one disputed date, the Navy and Provincial Talagants occupy these privileged places.

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