Luisa Sonza reveals she has ended Dating Chico Moedas

Luisa Sonza revealed that she had ended her dating with Chico Moedas. After the rumors of crisis between the couple, the singer confirmed the end of the relationship with Ana Maria Braga, at the Mais Você this Wednesday (20). The singer and the influencer started their relationship in July of this year.

Already very emotional, she took out her mobile phone and read the text completely. Crying, she cited the betrayal in a bar, emphasizing that she decided to break a cycle for all women. And he said he will still live love.

“It is unbearable that betrayal, the breakdown of cohesion, respect, trust, zeal and care continue to be normalized. A one-time mistake. Only those who have been deceived know the pain they feel, the pain caused by a so-called on-time mistake. From the destroyed self-esteem, from doubt, from the insecurity that such a thing causes. Betrayal invalidates yourself, makes you feel stupid, stupid, clown, muggle. It is a pain that is impossible to explain. It’s a breach of trust of others, it’s the fear of believing in people, it’s a ruined dream, it’s all your commitment, your zeal, your care, your love that is thrown away.”

“Too intense? Too intense is someone who drops everything he promised, proposed, built the two into the dirty bathroom of a bar for a moment. For the rest, it’s just love, admiration, respect, devotion. If they are deceived, they even question their ability to discern, because they believed in the lie and fell for it, which usually still occurs not only before, but also after the betrayal. As if betrayal was not enough, let’s look crazy and laugh at our intuition. Literally they say that reality is for them a detail that invalidates everything that we think, believe, see, everything that is real.”

“You’re not winning today. Today I am breaking the cycle for my mother, for my aunts, for all the women I have seen all my life that they were betrayed and often had nowhere to go until they had to stay in the house with a traitor. Today I choose myself, even if it hurts, even if sometimes I don’t want to, even if I still love you, today I protect myself and I won’t protect you.”

“Even if I want to, because you didn’t protect me that night in this bar, even if I wanted to. Today I say goodbye to you, for me and for all of us. And before I leave, I want to answer you that the decision to stop being with you is not bitterness instead of love, as you told me. I will live love, just will not be with you.”

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