Luitingo Warms Up With Pilar Llori In ‘GH VIP 8’: Closer To The Duvet With Her Hot Proposal

The relationship between Luitingo and Pilar Llori is progressing by leaps and bounds in a few days on ‘GH VIP 8’ and despite the fact that they met on September 14, the day the eighth edition of the reality show started) and not even a month has passed when this news was written, he has even left his girlfriend since the confessional to be able to be with Pilar freely.

However, she is holding back, although she is very affectionate with him because she has doubts and her boyfriend is also waiting for her outside the program, but she could also be on the verge of throwing everything overboard and betting on Luitingo after the hot proposal what he did to her.

Luitingo Warms Up With Pilar Llori In 'GH VIP 8': Closer To The Duvet With Her Hot Proposal

The two have had intimate conversations and have also argued on occasion, but the sexual tension that exists between the two participants is undeniable. In fact, he recently told her that she would eat his mouth 7 times a day.

and a few hours ago, the Sevillian Pilar made a very clear proposal: he wants to have sex with her . And not content with whispering to her, he showed her all the love he has for her with a slightly subtle gesture under a blanket .

If Pilar had doubts little by little, they dissipate and even if she did not answer, her face said everything while biting her lips . Both are feeling more and more comfortable, but Pilar, as I said, continues to slow down: after Luitingo’s separation from his girlfriend, the young woman said that she felt pressured by a fear that became even greater when Jessica Bueno asked if she had also left. to the confessional to do the same with your partner. Faced with her rejection, Jessica advised her to do something that would not suit the Madrid native well .

Pilar prefers to take her time, although the distance to her son and the proximity to Luitingo make her play with fire . Of course, it seems that from reality it is clear to their partners what they see, and they made the decision not to be on the set to defend it …

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