Manuel Diaz ‘El Cordobes’ Reappears After His Last Fuck And Reveals A Very Special Gesture Of His Father On The Day Of His Retirement

Manuel Diaz ‘El Cordobes’ suffered another attack on the pitch just a week ago. Although this time it was not a bull’s horn that pierced his body, but a bull that ran over him on leaving the square and gave him a push with which he flew into the air. But once again, the bullfighters seem to be made of a different material, and only six days later the right-hander reappeared and did it on television. Manuel reappeared in Ana Rosa Quintana

the program in TardeAR, where he presented the last report on his state of health. Despite the fear, ‘El Cordobes’ is optimistic, as according to” fortunately, they had to give me an injection”, since” my psoas tendon ” is affected.

His biggest concern since flying through the air in the town of Corella, in Navarra, has been his hip, since he has two prostheses in this joint, but the doctors at the Tudela Hospital, where he was transferred after his arrest, confirmed that it was something muscular.

During his visit to the Ana Rosa program, Manuel revealed one of the most exciting and unexpected details of his departure from the ring. And as she confessed to the presenter, it will be her father, Manuel Benitez, who cuts El Cordobe’s ponytail .

Manuel Benitez will cut off his son’s ponytail

A historic moment that will take place on the 15th at the San Lucas Fair in Jaen . A dream for the right-hander who, after a lifelong struggle for his father to recognize him as his son, finally realized it less than a year ago, since the reconciliation between father and son took place last February. At that moment, Manuel published a photo with his father. “The photo of my life, ” he emphasized in a snapshot in which both appear smiling and hugging.

Seven years ago, in 2016, the court ruled that the Madrid native was his biological son, although Benitez had never called him a son until his first public appearance, in which he was full of praise for his son. Now they both have a new public appointment where Manuel Diaz, ‘El Cordobes’, will say goodbye to the rings and it will be his father who will cut off his ponytail.

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