Manuel Leindekar: “Playing on our terms and as we know, we can beat anyone”

Manuel Leindekar plays at home in France . He has been in the European country since 2017 , after leaving the Old Boys, and has added an important experience, which of course has invested in Los Teros, which is preparing to face Italy in Uruguay this Wednesday from 12: 45 (Channel 10). , Channel 12, ESPN and Star +) at the second presentation of Esteban Meneses’ team at the 2023 Rugby World Cup .

The second row of the Uruguayan national team analyzed the friendly match against Italy in November 2021 and said: “It was one of the few matches we had between the World Cups to compete with teams that have more international contact. It helped us a lot to know where we were at that moment, and I don’t remember if we already knew that we were going to play against Italy at the World Cup , but we knew that it was the kind of opponent we wanted to compete against. and we wanted to know how we were doing. I think it was a great learning experience for us and hopefully it will help us in the game on Wednesday.”

Asked about the heavenly performance against France, Leindekar explained: “We had a strong self-criticism after this game because they made it difficult for us, especially in the second half. I don’t think we expected to lose so many lines, but we didn’t know how to solve it at the time. Anyway, it was a good learning and it’s good that Thursday has passed to better prepare for this game, because we have corrected and we are confident that the line will be there when we need it.”

And about a match against France in a stadium like Lilles Pierre-Mauroy, which exploded, the player who plays for the French club Bayonne recalled: “It was a very nice experience to play in such a stadium. We all dream about it: to play a World Cup in France and with the public as it was. It’s something that you rarely experience as a Uruguayan, so it was a lot of fun and also a very good learning for what is to come.”

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Finally, Manuel Leindekar, who will start against Italy this Wednesday after the debut against the host, made it clear what Los Teros stands for today: “Our World Cup started last week and 15 days ago, but it is capable of many. wait, what happened to France . We are confident that we can take on anyone if we play on our terms and because we know how to do it.”

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