Maria Patino resorts to the most popular aesthetic retouching among celebrities before her Netflix debut

Maria Patino shows her new face before the premiere of the reality show, which the former Salvame employees recorded in America.

Maria Patino decided to make some touch-ups before the premiere of her adventure in America. The end of Salvame marked a before and after in the history of television and in the lives of some employees. While some are in front of a panorama with not many projects in sight, most of the veterans like Belen Esteban, Kiko Matamoros or Lydia Lozano have received a juicy offer from Netflix and have recorded some kind of reality show that will be released in a very short time. Maria Patino is one of these collaborators and took the opportunity to make some aesthetic accents, perhaps because now she has more free time and does not need to appear on the screen.

The celebrity presenter went through her trusted clinic, Clinicas Diego de Le Elimn, to undergo an extreme luminosity treatment to make her face look much more rejuvenated and hydrated. Our dear @ mariapatino1508 starts the retouching for her new project on # netflix, the clinic wrote in a video in which the employee is in treatment.

What exactly did the presenter do? It is a radiation treatment that contains the most famous vitamins in the medical field to deeply moisturize the skin, provide radiance and tone it. Maria Patino not only gives the skin more juiciness, but also decided to highlight the jaw more, and for this she needed the help of the best hyaluronic acid, which was applied to strategic points of the facial oval to define and style the face in less than 10 minutes .

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