Maria Solomou Is Indifferent To The Game Mente Fuerte-Danais Barka

Maria Solomou’s statements about plastic surgery caused the reaction of Danai Barka through his program a few days ago. This reaction brought other reactions from Maria Solomou’s partner Mente Fuerte, and as it turned out, Maria Solomou was asked about the controversy that appeared in her television statements. Here is the timeline of what happened so that you can also understand what happened.

“I’m in the drawing-room, turning right, and there’s a lady with her daughter. The daughter is 20 years old, a maximum of 22. The mother is 55 years old. Same. The doctor himself. No, no. At that point, I wanted to get up and grab mom and say, Ma’am…. That’s not possible, guys. If she was my daughter, I would have blinded her, cut her hair and kept her at home. I see 22-year-old girls getting Botox and fillers. Don’t you have a house? I’m not telling you not to fix something, to fix it, not to have a mutation , Maria Solomou characteristically said in her podcast Everything Maria knows .

Danai Barka admitted through his program that she herself participated in similar discussions, but at the same time she is shocked by the public statements of Maria Solomou. Let’s be honest, we all commented on this among ourselves. Of course, it shocks you when you see how a girl changes completely . It’s one thing to do things in moderation that you want to fix a little, and quite another to overdo it .

I am shocked by what Maria says because I am a fan of hers. I like the way she talks, I like everything about her. It shocks me, because Maria is actually a woman over 35, she also has a child, but her appearance has gone through many experimental stages , now we see her with dreadlocks. You can tell why a woman at this age does what is most feminine.

In addition, he is in a relationship with a man who advertises through his music that this popo is still like a heart and all the pleasant songs that we listen to… If I was in a relationship with Snik, wouldn’t it be weird to come out and say “people should love us themselves”?. Sometimes our decisions are our mirror, the presenter said.

Mente Fuerte then took the floor and fired at Danae Barca. I told you that I will not drop anything from now on. Opinions are like k@@@@@@@@@@@, we all have one. We also have a mouth, we just do not open it for no reason. Our decisions are our mirror, and yours probably won’t work out well for you to invite me to your show and insist so much, the hunter wrote in a series of his Instagram stories.

She came back later and argued that a woman who was bullied because of her body is bullying another woman for expressing her opinion and the worst? He talked about the ages, about his personal decisions and went much further, exhaling bile. Only he sprinkled it with powder to strengthen the image of the innocent and well-meaning girl even a little more. Otherwise;; when the victim becomes the perpetrator.

The continuation of the rivalry

After the explosion of Mente Fuerte, Danae Barka took the floor again to respond to her posts: it’s good that people have different opinions, conduct open dialogues, talk. It’s just productive. I don’t know what image he has of me and we don’t even need to analyze it. Everyone should go with his opinion, with his aesthetics, with what he does. Mente Fuerte replied with the following story: Silence is the best answer to an idiot .

Maria Solomou is indifferent to the game Mente Fuerte-Danais Barka

In this new episode (which may be the last), Maria Solomou answered journalists’ questions about this conflict between her partner and the presenter – and the reason for this is her own statements.

I’m not worried about the feud that broke out between them. I can’t understand what you’re telling me. I haven’t seen anything and I can’t speak for the others. We are very close; what friends say to each other… , said Maria Solomou characteristically.

They didn’t tell me anything about the crisis. Find me someone to tell me in front of me what I am doing in my life and I will answer him, Maria Solomou said when she was asked about some rumors of crisis in her relationship with Mente Fuerte.

“I swear to you, I don’t see anything about myself on the Internet, I don’t google, I don’t know who is scolding me right now. Everyone has a right to an opinion, to an opinion, but I do not see them, so as not to interfere. I don’t care. What I do in my life and how I deal with it… “I’m sorry, I’ve already said that I’m not going to say it,” he stressed.

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