Matt Paris presents differently: where reality and feelings fight

Colombian artist Matt Paris continues his musical proposal, his new release of the single Diferente, testimony of a unique duel and an innovative sound. It tells the story that despite the changes and circumstances of a relationship, feelings prevail no matter what, Paris said.

Diferente is a song that the artist created together with the producer Nimaca in Medell, Colombia, composed by Paris, OV Gray and mastered by Mosty, one of the most brilliant mixing engineers and masters of recent times.

It’s a very personal song for me, which has a very strong value. I have a feeling that my fans will enjoy it. A fresh, solid sound for the new era of music, Paris added.

Different has shot a video by Filmbydave, filmed in Miami and Los Angeles, that captures the resilience of pursuing what is important to you, regardless of obstacles.

Considered one of the most promising emerging artists of the genre, the Colombian has managed to take a place in the music industry as an instrumentalist, composer, producer and performer.

He recently triumphed with Pa Pa Pa, which has over 500 thousand views on all digital platforms in the first month. The success included both the original version and the remix version by Dj Muzik Junkies.

Pa pa Pas Triumph allowed him to perform together with Dj Cornetto at the Zouk Nightclub, one of the most prestigious and sought-after clubs in Las Vegas, and sing his hit live for the first time.

Matt Paris presents differently: where reality and feelings fight

Since Paris shared stages with elite artists in different parts of the world and was nominated as an artist in the spotlight for the MTV Miaw Awards 2022, it continues to position itself in the industry with its alliance with the label Mr. 305.

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