Maximum concern for the state of health of singer Anuel AA after an emergency operation

The singer took advantage of his social networks to share a picture of the hospital, revealing that he had undergone a life-and-death operation. We will tell you how the artist from Puerto Rico is doing.

Maximum concern for the state of health of the singer Anuel AA. When he himself shared an image lying in a hospital bed on his social networks, the artist, who has more than 37.4 million followers on Instagram, had to undergo an emergency operation, an intervention that disrupts all his plans.

Work. I had emergency surgery last night, God only knows why things happened, it was a matter of life and death. I can’t continue working now, thank God, I’m alive, that’s the only thing that matters to me, he wrote next to the picture that he worried his followers since he is lying in a hospital bed with oxygen and an infusion in one of his arms. Isa Pantoja is one of the followers of Anuel AA, although she confessed that she regrets the tattoo with her name .

Anuel AA, one of the greatest figures of urban music, explained to his legion of followers that this setback in health prevents him from continuing to work on his new album ‘Rompecorazones’, which he would release in two weeks and which has been postponed to Novo. Warning. I will give her a date quickly if I know what will happen to me, she says and apologizes to her followers.

Maximum concern for the state of health of singer Anuel AA after an emergency operation

I know that they were waiting for me and I really screwed up to restore my career after almost destroying it, and I have a work schedule that is very HP. It’s the first time I have a real work team, like all elite artists, but if this is God’s plan, we’ll have to wait, he wrote next to his picture of the hospital.

The reason for the emergency intervention in Anuel AA is not yet known and it is not known whether it is a disease that he already suffered from or a specific health problem that caused this operation for life and death. Finally, the Puerto Rican artist makes a request to his followers. Include me in your prayers and we will put everything in God’s hands and thank the doctors who treated and saved him for his treatment.

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