Medical Bulletin Updates The State Of Health Of Porridge

A month ago, the sad accident occurred in which the bassist of Outrage a Rigor, Porridge, was shot in the head. Currently, he remains hospitalized in the intensive care unit of the hospital s Elimo Luiz, a department of Itaim belonging to the D’or network, in S Elimo Paulo.

According to information from the medical bulletin published on Friday, October 6, porridge is without sedation and has received assistance in respiratory ventilation.

The hospital s Zhejo Luiz do Itaim from the Rede d’or informs that the patient Rinaldo Amaral Porridge remains in the intensive care unit in the hospital. The patient is not sedated. In order to support the ventilation of the respiratory tract, a rotation of the use of a high-flow catheter coupled with a tracheotomy and a bipap compressor working by imitating the patient’s breathing pattern has been initiated. The patient has received physiotherapy assistance, and the clinical condition is considered stable.

Last week, the team of doctors announced that the musician has overcome the stage of intracranial hypertension. Although he has opened his eyes, porridge still does not consciously interact with the environment.

To remember the details of the incident:

Porridge was shot in the head on September 2 during a trip to Paraty, when he, accompanied by a friend, left his inn in Trindade to buy food.

The bassist’s car was hit by gunshots as he was driving past Pra9 do ovo on Snake Island, with one of the shots hitting him in the head.

His state of health was serious and he was transferred to the Hospital S Elimo Paulo in an intensive care unit of the Fire Department in the air, where he remains hospitalized in the intensive care unit of the Hospital S Elimo Lu Elims.

Neurosurgeon Dr. Manoel Jacobsen Teixeira reported that the projectile entered the cranial box in the left forehead area, was not retained in the skull, and may have been lost in the accident environment.

Porridge underwent surgery and remained in an induced coma until September 16, when sedation and mechanical ventilation were reduced.

On September 20, porridge began to show signs of a reaction and opened his eyes.
The situation continues to be monitored by his family and fans, who are awaiting his full recovery.

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