Meg 2: The Trench synopsis, cast and where to watch the action movie

The sequel will be released on the streaming platform two months after its theaters release. Little appreciated by critics, the film achieved high box office sales worldwide upon its release.

Meg 2, a movie that hit theaters in August of this year, can now be streamed. Fans of the action franchise can watch the second and first movie on HBO Max. The film again stars Jason Statham (Expendables franchise) as a marine biologist who swims alongside giant marine predators.

The films received low ratings from critics, but high box office figures. The last film had worldwide box office receipts of 394 million US dollars (about 2 billion R $, in current conversion), which could favor another sequel in theaters. If you liked Megatubarão and you want to see the second movie, you can find more information about the cast, plot and effects below.

Plot of land Meg 2

The action takes place five years after the events of the first film. Marine biologist Jonas Taylor (Statham) is working on fighting environmental crimes. He also participates in the exploration of a sea trench in which the megalodon (a giant shark that lived in prehistoric times) from the first film was found.

During an expedition to this trench, Taylor and his team discover that a company is exploiting the natural resources in the ocean without caring about the environmental impact. The irresponsibility of the group leads to the fact that a small flock of basking sharks reaches the crack, causing destruction on the surface.

Cast and Crew

In addition to Jason Statham, the cast includes Wu Jing (Drift Land) in the role of Jiuming Zhang, Cliff Curtis (Paths of Memory) as Mac, Page Kennedy (SWAT) as DJ, Skyler Samuels (Scream Queens) as Jess and Sergio Peris-Mencheta (Life Itself) as Montes, among others.

The screenplay was written by Jon Hoeber (Transformers: Beast’s Awakening), Erich Hoeber (The Apprentice Spy) and Dean Georgaris (Under the Dominion of Evil). The Megatubarão franchise is a Chinese-American film distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures and with the company China Media Capital Pictures among the producers.

The impact between the audience and the critics

Like its predecessor, Meg 2 found greater acceptance among the public than among critics. On IMDb, the rating among users was 5.1, while the audience’s approval of Rotten Tomatoes was 78%. However, the performance among critics was characterized by low scores, as evidenced by the metascore of 40 on Metacritic and the Tomatometer of only 28% on Rotten.

One of the unfavorable reviews came from CNN critic Brian Lowery. In his text, he highlights the parallel plots as one of the problems of the film. Megajaws 2 does not change much in its formula, but it ruins the strengths of the story with all sorts of unnecessary side stories, Lowery clarified.

Among the positive opinions is that of the critic Mark Keizer from the AV Club Portal. Megajaws 2 is better than the first movie, because while it repeats the same things that the predecessor did wrong, it improves on all the good that came before, Keizer said.

Watch the official Meg 2 trailer:

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