Meghan Markle and Prince Harry hurt and offended Princess Kate when she accepted that William’s wound cannot be healed

Princess Kate has accepted that she will not be able to resolve the rift between Prince William and his brother Harry , a royal expert has said. And the Princess of Wales herself may find it difficult to forgive her brother-in-law and his wife Meghan Markle after they “hurt and offended” her.

Harry and William have barely spoken to William for three years, who is angry about the accusations that his brother has made against him in interviews and in his memoirs. Kate was also in the crosshairs of Sussex with Meghan, claiming that Kate made her cry for Princess Charlotte’s outfit the day before their wedding in a row .

Nevertheless, it was believed that Kate had the best chances to pave the way for reconciliation. But former royal BBC correspondent Jennie Bond believes the ship has already sailed.

She appreciates that Kate and William have “locked their minds” to heal the split, and are instead fulfilling their royal duties. And she also said that the princess has the ability to calm her “hot-headed”husband.

In conversation with Ok! Bond added: “Coming from a happy, close–knit family – as Catherine does – it’s incredibly hard to understand how people can distance themselves.

“I think she believed that the disagreement could be resolved, and after the funeral of Prince Philip, we saw her talking to Harry and obviously encouraging William to do the same. a fierce fight shortly after the funeral. There comes a point when you just have to accept that happy families are not a game that everyone can play.

“Catherine was hurt and offended by the things that Harry and Meghan said, but she and William form a very strong team, and I suspect that together they came to the conclusion that the quarrel with Harry cannot be resolved in the future. foreseeable.”

It used to be thought that Harry and Kate get along well, but the Duke made several accusations against them. He accused her and William of encouraging him to wear a Nazi uniform at a party and said she was “nervous” about being compared to Meghan.

Despite the family problems, Bond believes that the Prince and Princess of Wales can look to the future after William’s incredibly successful trip to the United States this month to receive the Earthshot Award. He and Kate have become the most popular royals in the United States, while Harry and Meghan are struggling to find a post-royal role.

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She said: “The Americans love our royal family, and William is becoming the shining star of the monarchy, especially with Catherine by his side. He has the easy-going charm of his mother, as well as his good looks, and is confidently and fully immersed in the fate that he once saw with some trepidation. He seems to be enjoying his role and, as the Earthshot Award shows, is determined to use his platform to project real change.

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