Megumi Fushiguro Characters ‘Jujutsu Kaisen’ History, Powers, and Everything We Know

Age: 15 years old
Birthday: December 22
Zodiac sign: Capricorn
Height: 1.75m

Megumi Fushiguro is the second most important deuteragonist character in the Jujutsu Kaisen series. As a student of the school of witchcraft, he is a direct descendant of the Zenin family, one of the three most important families of the magical world. Megumi is a level 2 Jujutsu magician and has a far above average magical ability. It is believed that both his power and his ancestry were the reasons why the Suka unit exerted an immediate attraction on the young man.

Megumi is the first character that protagonist Yuji meets in the series, which is connected with the world of curses and magic. As his new friend, he was also discovered by Satoro Gojo, who has been training him ever since. He is a calm character, but in reality he wants to protect people who seem kind to him.

Sukuna on Megumi’s body

Sukuna on Megumi's body

Kaisen Jujutsu began with Sukuna manifesting in Itadori’s body. He stayed there for quite a while, but it was not long before he began to make new plans for his reincarnation. From the very beginning, Sukuna had marked something special for Megumi and her interest in him was very special.

Even during the Shibuya incident, when Megumi called the divine general Mahoraga and was on the verge of death, it was Sukuna who finally healed him and saved his life. Of course, this was not because the curse king felt generous.

That was simply because he could use it better. Finally, his plan was presented and it was revealed that he wanted to take control of his body and make things even more tense in the story. Sukuna succeeded in his trick, and since then Megumi is simply a pawn in his sick game. Megumi has done terrible things and killed people she would never harm.

He fought against his own teacher and also killed him, all thanks to Sukuna, who owned him. His character has suffered a lot and it seems that at the moment he has nothing to live for. Everything that is dear to him is now lost, but this is certainly not the worst, because Megumi herself is in danger more than ever after the events of JJK 237.

Megumi Fushiguro All the powers

Megumi Fushiguro All the powers

General skills

By the time he got to school, he was already a 2nd grade wizard and can use his shikigami and hand-to-hand combat when exposed to powerful curses.


His strength is not comparable to that of Yuji, but it is true that his physical strength is remarkable. As a young man, he managed to defeat all the criminals in his area.


He is not as fast as Maki or Yuuji, but he can follow their movements without much difficulty.


Fushiguro’s body is extremely tenacious, to the point that he can survive being thrown from one building to another by Sukuna with three fingers, without getting injured or losing skills.

Arms control

His fighting technique does not allow him to use weapons often, but he trained with spears next to Maki Zenin and is very skilled with any weapon given to him.


One of his fighting techniques is to summon sacred animals to fight. Among the most famous are Nue (an owl), an elephant, his sacred dogs, frogs and so on. He also has the ability to merge them, i.e. by mixing Nue with the frogs, he can create frogs with wings.

Domain extension

Its extension is called Chimera Shadow Garden and allows you to summon different types of shikigami and clone yourself by mixing with shadows. He can attack the blind spots of his enemies by blending into their shadow.

The fate of Megumi-Megumi Fushiguro is dead?

The fate of Megumi-Megumi Fushiguro is dead?

Megumi was a very important character in the story, however, it seems that he will not be relevant in the foreseeable future. Sukuna clearly possessed his body with this goal of reincarnation and he has finally achieved that now. The reincarnation process uses Megumi’s body as a basis. This means that Megumi, no matter what body she had, has now assimilated with Sukuna and it seems that there is no way to save him. In any case, Megumi is gone for the time being and the fans should understand that he is dead for the time being.

The only way to recover Megumi’s body is if Sukuna is killed. At some point in the story, Sukuna could be killed, and if that happens, it is possible that Megumi will be saved. However, this is based on a massive assumption that your body is still intact. Judging by the course of the previous chapter, Megumi has completely assimilated into Sukuna’s body, which means that there is no Megumi left. Moreover, Megumi has already suffered tremendous damage in the fight against Gojo and was even hit by Unlimited Emptiness. If he somehow survives this, fans should keep in mind that if Sukuna falls, so will his body, and with it Megumi. It looks like Jujutsu Kaisen killed another character and this time it’s the fan favorite Megumi Fushiguro.

Sukuna Spanked

Sukuna Spanked

Quite simply, the most significant part of Sukuna in Megumi’s body was when he was fighting Gojo. This fight was the showdown of the strongest, which the fans have been waiting for and certainly delivered for years. It took months and was certainly exciting, with each chapter taking incredible turns that kept everyone on the edge of their seats. Gojo did more than good against Sukuna and pushed him to the extreme. He almost defeated him in battle, but in the end Gojo was killed due to some very questionable writing decisions. It was Sukuna who had the nose in front and killed Gojo with a powerful blow that sliced his body and cut him in half. Of course, this also meant that the person who killed Gojo was none other than Megumi herself. With this knowledge, Megumi would be completely devastated, since Gojo was a parental figure for him.

That is, the fight between Gojo and Sukuna only served to make things worse for Megumi. As expected, Sukuna was severely beaten in the fight against Gojo. In fact, he was on the verge of losing and would have done it if not for the 10-shadow technique. This technique saved him from defeat, but did not save him from accumulating great damage. He lost his left hand, one of his eyes and his whole body was shredded. He could not use domain expansion, thanks to Gojo frying his brain, or rely on domain amplification, which was another skill that Gojo eventually took away from him. To top it off, his reverse cursed technique was also broken and he couldn’t even heal properly.

The return of the true Sukuna form

The return of the true Sukuna form

Soon after Gojo’s death, it was Kashimo who came into action and challenged Sukuna. This fight was very exciting and Kashimo showed his cursed technique for the first time. He dealt Sukuna some powerful blows and inflicted damage on him. Although Sukuna received his powerful cursed tool, it was not enough to defend himself against Kashimo, and he suffered one blow after another until he was pushed into a corner. At this point it became clear that he just had to do everything.

A few chapters ago, the possibility of Sukuna holding a trump card was raised. At the time, fans could not understand what this trump card would be, but it was clear that he was certainly holding one up his sleeve, which he would reveal at a later date. This is exactly what happened in JJK 237, when Sukuna began the process of reincarnation in Megumi’s body. For the first time in a millennium, the real Sukuna has returned. It was clear that he was being revived and was just watching his true body take shape. He has four arms, several eyes and a very muscular physique that towers over most of them. Sukuna’s return to her true form raises the question of what exactly happened to Megumi and where her story will go from here.

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