Melania Trump just renegotiated her prenup with Donald Trump

Melania Trump is proving too tough to die and not survive financially.

Donald Trump’s wife spent the first months of her love presidency in New York renegotiating the terms of their prenup, wrote Mary Jordan, a Washington Post reporter in her book “The Art of her Deal: The Untold Story of Melania Trump.”

Now, as Donald Trump maintains his position as the top Republican candidate for the 2024 Republican nomination while facing serious legal problems, Melania Trump is willing to reconsider those terms once again, her lawyers have revealed to Insider.

Page Six, which claims the former first lady has already done just that. According to people from her entourage, Melania Trump “quietly” renegotiated the terms of a new “post-pact” with her husband over the past year.

At the time those lines are written, Trump faces four criminal charges and a civil lawsuit in Manhattan, in which a judge ordered that the Trump Organization’s New York corporate statutes be revoked.

“She may well want additional protection for herself and her son,” said Bill Beslow, an influential New York divorce attorney who represented Marla Maples in her separation from Trump in 1999.

Beslow could not confirm details of the prenup between Melania and Donald Trump, but said in general that protecting your share of marriage assets is important, as he said, “If you think the whole roof might fall on you.”

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Melania Trump has so far distanced herself from her husband’s 2024 presidential campaign, avoiding public appearances alongside the Donald, both in the political arena and in court.

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