Mercedes, scared of cancer again, in the last season of ‘Tell Me How it Happened’

The Spanish mother will again suffer for her health. The Tell me how it happened with the Mercedes conspiracy ad gives rise to the thought that breast cancer is again attacking the Alcantara family.

‘Tell me how it happened’ is probably the Spanish series par excellence. With 23 seasons, the last of which is about to be released, it has established itself as the greatest portrait in the history of our country in national fiction. Throughout the life of the Alcantaras, we experience or relive all the relevant episodes of politics and society, we see what the daily life of a family was like from the 60s to the 90s and we quickly look back at the year 2020 with the leap in time to the pandemic that they gave us. So if something happens to him, it also happens to us, viewers.

Thus, fear has spread among fans of ‘Tell me how it happened’, as the promotions for the 23rd and last season are pushing various crises between the members of the Alcantara family. One of them is particularly worrying and has to do with the plot of Ana Duato from Mercedes . In one of the videos shared by TVE, one of her character’s greatest fears is expected, the return of what has been her biggest personal obstacle: her health problems.

Mercedes, scared of cancer again, in the last season of ‘Tell Me How it Happened’

The premiere of the last season of ‘Tell Me How It Happened’ is just around the corner and while the post-production team is working on the final version of the 7 episodes, TVE is giving us tablets with what we can see in the series. The plot of Mercedes worries us a lot, because everything indicates that the character will relive her worst moments. Although it is true that it is not clearly confirmed in the promotions, everything indicates that the cancer is returning to Merche’s life.

After what is extracted from the video, the fear of suffering from it returns. For now, some analyzes with something strange and a puncture to obtain a sample are the two certainties confirmed in the images. We’ll have to wait a little longer to find out if Mercedes ‘ worst nightmare is really coming back to haunt her, and more than 10 years later she has to undergo new cancer treatment.

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