Message from Joaquin Prat with a proposal to Isabel Pantoja, who put Isa Pantoja in ‘Let’s See’

The presenter cannot attend the employee’s wedding, as he has other obligations, but he wished her a nice day and asked her to enjoy her day with the people who would like to celebrate with them.

Joaquin Prat moved Isa Pantoja with his words in Let’s See . Although officially the daughter of Isabel Pantoja and Asraf Beno are already husband and wife , the couple will celebrate their union with family and friends in Seville next October 13. A party that will be marked by great absences , such as that of the mother of the television collaborator, with whom Isa has not spoken for some time, and that of the presenter himself, but both for very different reasons.

Hours before the celebration, the employee went live to the show and confessed that her head hurt because of all the things she has not yet prepared for wedding.My my head hurts because I’m going through things and I’m not sleeping anymore. “I want people to feel comfortable and happy to be with us,” he explained.

After submitting a report in which we saw a small detail of the first dress she will wear – with rhinestones on her shoulder – Isa revealed in front of a notary what the signature looked like. In Fuenlabrada, these were the witnesses in the presence of his son, his representative Sonia and Asraf’s mother and celebrated with typical Moroccan food . In addition, Asraf’s mother gave him a small gold necklace .

My hands began to sweat, excitement. We had breakfast with his family at Asraf, confessed Isa, who wears only her engagement ring and will not wear her wedding ring until Friday. Isa revealed that he made a mistake when recording the ring, and instead of setting 2023, he entered in 2013, but he will not fix it. “It will remain a joke,” she said.

I want people to like it because it is a very pleasant day and I will try not to think about bad things and focus on the positive , the employee admitted that Isabel Pantoja did not want to send a message because he has no communication with her. Isa revealed that she will be wearing something presented, something blue and something new, like a traditional bride, and that her honeymoon will start at the end of October and will last about 10 days.

Isa confessed that she had married on communal property, which Joaquin Prat spontaneously let slip: screw up first. The presenter was one of the guests at the wedding, but cannot attend for personal reasons. Nevertheless, she gave her employee good advice, with a proposal to Isabel Pantoja . In this life, even if you are a good person, sometimes you suffer beatings. You deserve all the happiness in the world, because you are a great woman and a sweet girl. Enjoy your day with the people who want to celebrate it with you , the presenter said. Isa admitted that her words had moved her: Thank you very much, I can not speak.

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