Messi Pedro moves to Inter Miami: the sharp message from Manuel Granados, which he later deleted

Driver Migue Granados was trending on social media on Wednesday. Of course, the announcement of his interview with Lionel Andrés Messi in Miami went around the world, mainly because of the kiss on the neck that he gave her during the split move-out . But hours after that moment, he was again among the most quoted when the Argentine striker left the field in the first half of the match against Toronto.

The reason is that it did not take long because the presenter decided to delete what he had written, quoting a tweet from the journalist Gastón Edul , who reported on the possible muscle ailments presented by the attacker Rosario, 36, who reappeared in his team this week. at night after the South American qualifiers.

“Let’s start with a kiss and leave him without legs, ” Granados wrote in clear reference to the video he had chosen to publish the interview that this fifth mass will be released on the Olga streaming channel on You Tube.

It quickly began to have “likes” and reposts that went viral, but the channel then decided to delete the publication without making any further comments on it.

Despite the discomfort that forced him to ask for a change, Lionel Messi is experiencing a unique moment, completely consecrated on a sporting level, enjoying the end of his unique career with his family. This Wednesday, this particular climate was exposed at a fun intersection with Migue Granados, the driver who had traveled to the United States to interview him.

As a preview of the note that will appear this Thursday morning on “Olga”, the actor and comedian’s YouTube channel, Migue published on his networks a funny video in which Messi appears in the foreground and appears from behind to give him a kiss on the neck and stole a smile from the footballer.

Leo seems to be right by the sea in his new home, and according to Migue, everything was recorded with the accompaniment of Antonela Roccuzzo. On the 10th, he shows his new look, “baby face”, smoothly shaved, which caused a stir on the networks.

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“Shall we talk a little, dear?”Migue says to Messi in the video, and the rosary can not contain his smile after the appearance of the actor who gave him a kiss.

On Wednesday, a day before the broadcast of the conversation with Messi, Migue revealed some details of the meeting. Of course, always true to his sometimes delusional style.

According to Migue, the conversation with Leo touched on very intimate topics: the Argentine captain was encouraged to talk about everything, and you will see a humanized version like never before.

My fever woke me up a lot, said Migue, who admitted to being very nervous until he started talking. He added: ‘We talked for an hour in the kitchen before we recorded.

In one of the” previews ” that Migue showed this Wednesday, Messi interrupts the interview to fulfill a request from the actor to bring him a glass of soda.

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Granados arrived in Miami on Monday accompanied by his partner Lucas Fridman and for some time they said they had the best interview of their lives.

“It smells fantastic… And you too!”, Migue said about Leo when talking about the kiss, but also about Antonela. “We actually did it several times and I gave him three or four kisses,” she added.

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