Michelle Sala’s criticized ritual before her wedding

Michelle Salas shared an unusual ritual and questioned her before marrying Danilo Díaz Granados in Italy.

The daughter of Luis Miguel and Stephanie Salas showed how she was preparing before her special day at the Finca Il Borro, which belonged to the family of the renowned designer Salvatore Ferragamo, where she used candles and letters with which she assured that she received answers at important moments:

Every time I have an important day or something exciting, I try to start my day with rituals, I light my candle, my palo santo that you already know, every morning I light it, I intend to, the influencer began.

And he added that this ritual is essential for everything to go perfectly:

These little cards (oracle game), lately I loved them very much because they came to me in a very special way and I found a lot of answers here, so they are like little things that I do to literally start the energy of a special day and today is a very special day, so I’m doing all this to make everything as it should, she added excitedly.

Although some called her witchcraft or santería: the daughter of the Sun appeared as santera; others applauded her spirituality and compared her to other famous personalities:
Salma Hayek is still carrying her palo santo and some letters…

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