Miguel Angel Silvestre discovered! This is your new girlfriend

Miguel Angel Silvestre has a new achievement. At least it seems so when you see the pictures that the presenter and friend of the actor Paz Padilla uploaded to her Instagram profile, in which we can see an intimate concert where both coincided and in which the actor participated as a couple. And as can be seen on the back of the concert recorded by Padilla, the actor touched the hands of a young brunette, who leaned on his shoulder and crossed her fingers with him while enjoying the music.

Although the comedian did not notice it at first, Tiktok users quickly made her aware of what her eyes were seeing: Miguel Angel Silvestre was joking from behind. In view of this, there was no shortage of those who investigated who the girl was and what they could know, since everything indicates that it is their partner and is quite established, since they are not afraid to caress each other in their inner circle.

This is Rebecca Toribio, one of the young women that Forbes magazine ranks among the most influential Spanish women under the age of 30, and at the age of 22 she has launched a project with which she has recovered her health, Superchulo, a health food store that suffered a fire almost three months ago and from which she was able to recover by reopening a few weeks ago. Now the entrepreneur, who seemed defeated in her business after this setback, is smiling not only because of the reopening, but also because of this new hope.

Miguel Angel Silvestre discovered! This is your new girlfriend

In the pictures, Miguel Angel Silvestre is sitting very relaxed on a sofa, with one hand on Rebecca’s leg, with which he exchanges very affectionate gestures. As affectionate as the comments on their respective Instagram posts are, in which they have not yet been seen together, will that change now?

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