Miguel Angel Silvestre opens ‘El Hormiguero’: When I was little, they bullied me

Tonight, ‘El Hormiguero’ had Miguel Angel Silvestre and Macarena Gexmez as guests to talk about the second season of ’30 Coins’, which premieres on HBO Max on October 26th. The actress visited the show not so often, but Miguel Angel, which is why he has been received in style since he became a platinum guest.

As soon as he sat down on his special chair, Pablo Motos showed him a compilation video with the best moments that the actor had experienced on the show. Although he feels at home, the actor has not said anything about his new dream. One of the golden bachelors of our country has a girl . Her name is Rebeca Toribioe, a 29-year-old Valencian entrepreneur who runs a vegetarian and vegan restaurant in the Malasa district of Madrid, the famous ‘Superchulo’.

Although Rebeca’s name never appeared on the show, the interpreter opened up on the channel to talk about what he suffered when he was little. It all happened because Pablo Motos reminded him of an anecdote in which Miguel Angel stopped a robbery in a store . No one should run after you, because you need to protect yourself , he said, and from this a somewhat painful anecdote arose for the actor.

Many nights Miguel Angel Silvestre has nightmares because he was bullied as a child: when I was little I was bullied at school , for years I have many nightmares as if I had been beaten and I don’t know who it is. I often wake up and ask who it is. When I was young, a group of children beat me and that kept me from violence. Fear. But if I saw violence from the outside, with someone who is vulnerable, I would explode by nature. I saw myself there, he said with feeling.

He also remembered this when he became aware of such consequences: one day I was leaving the cinema and I saw a man kicking a dog. I immediately pushed him away. My friends pulled me aside and asked me what was going on. I told them it was this dog. I noticed it there. That’s why I went after the thief, even though I shouldn’t have done it.

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