Miguel Angel Silvestre Sets The Networks On Fire With A Video Shower While Showing Off His Abs

If we were to make a list of the hottest celebrities from series and movies, we would need an agenda with a lot of pages. Not because they all are, but because everyone has their own tastes and everyone has their audience, which means that your best friend may be more of a Joe Jonas and you’re still sticking to performing for Nick Jonas in Camp Rock 2: The Last Jam.

However, many agree that there is an actor in Spain who has aroused a lot of passions among girls and boys. Not only because of his roles, among which we have chosen some such as the Duke in no tits no paradise or mois Elims in the Red Sky .

Yes, we are talking about Miguel Angel Silvestre, who has just set fire to each of the social networks available to us with a video in which he leaves little to the imagination. It’s about the shower he took before landing at the San SebastiAn International Film Festival. And of course, with that very defined belly, in which each of your muscles seems to be shaped, who will not stop and look a little?

Yes, after this moment of jubilation, we also have to stop to see his black suit with a white shirt and classic shoes, which he takes off without hesitation after the event. After that, in the video, although it seems that she is simply running over the beach sand in rom-com mode, she takes off her shirt again and shows the physical result of her impressive training routine. And the truth is that we are not the only ones who are still in tune with the video.


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