Miu Miu’s panties have sequins and cost 4,000 euros

What worries me about a designer like Miuccia Prada and her work at Miu Miu is whether she really celebrates women with her designs. And I’ll explain. When we look at Miu Miu shiny panties, I wonder if this is really a product designed by a woman for women. Because as I also read in the comments of a post from the IG @ DietPrada account: “Doesn’t it itch you when you use it?”.

And may I tell you something? The first thought that comes to mind (at least for a woman) when she sees Miu Miu panties, I think that’s it. Which will be terribly unpleasant. The ” good ” news continues as soon as you read the price of these “haute couture” underwear : 5, 600 in dollars and about 4, 000 in euros – this is the price that is at the moment farfetch.com . So are Miu Miu panties worth it, or is this rather an absurd fashion product that simply plays with the limits of hyperconsumerism? I’m leaning towards the second view.

The collection that highlighted Miu Miu rhinestone panties

Since fashion is increasingly promoting the sexual liberation of women through clothing and trends such as “no pants” are becoming more and more popular, Miu Miu panties make their own statement. Through the fall 2023 collection, Miuccia Prada has presented a range of underwear, some in wool, others in cashmere, others in corduroy and, of course, the now famous ones with rhinestones that replace traditional trousers. “It’s about looking at bodies and how clothes affect bodies. You can do a lot with the body and clothes.”the designer mentioned it for Miu Miu’s fall 2023 collection, in which she launched the special underwear. Although I agree with this vision of the designer, it would be extremely interesting (and indeed something more innovative) if I saw on the catwalk or in the campaign of the collection a model that we do not usually see on the catwalks (at least from Miu Miu ). A curvaceous model, for example, would send a stronger message about her collection, which should honor the female body.

But even if we leave aside the inclusion part, it is clear from the very beginning (and also from the price) that this fashion item is intended for a very specific consumer audience . This is not to say that every woman can pull off this look, let’s face it, and the same applies to the price. Miu Miu underpants, in my opinion, are for wealthy women (celebrities and non-celebrities) who can wear them on a special occasion, be it at a fashion event or on the red carpet, or even in street style in a city where fashion and style are treated more openly.

But again, if someone has the courage to go out only in underwear (as I said, this is a trend that designers have been practicing on us for a couple of seasons), will Miu Miu panties be your first choice? In other words, even if you surpass the exorbitant $ 3, 900 that they cost, you can not ignore the fact that they look terribly uncomfortable. And I remember again. This is an “outfit” designed by women for women. Somewhere in my head this does not make sense.

And don’t get me wrong, I believe that every man owes it to himself to wear something “crazy” at least once in his life. All I ask from designers is to bring out clothes that will make a woman feel “something”. And by this “something” I don’t mean the unstoppable itch that everyone who wears Miu Miu’s shiny panties will (probably) have. Something must somehow make sense (even if it’s a garment with more artistic influences) to encourage a woman to step out of her comfort zone and want to try it on.

My point is that fashion is intended for this kind of experimenting with clothes. That’s the cool part about it. But that’s what haute couture fashion is for. Miu Miu briefs are definitely not couture (it is very difficult for me to justify this price for this particular design) and definitely not for everyday wear. Even if they took an outfit for everyday wear, which in the end made it terribly uncomfortable. In general, there is confusion about the fact that no one expected that the good old shorts would cause us, and that I wonder if it’s worth it after all (no, it’s not).

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