Model And Actress Jacqueline Carrieri Sadly Dies In Hospital

Argentina is mourning these days and one of its most famous models has recently died. Nowadays it is known about the death of Jacqueline Carrieri, model, actress and businesswoman, at the age of 48 . The death occurred in Los Angeles, California, where she underwent an unknown cosmetic surgery. However, according to various media reports, Mendoza’s ‘tip’ would have suffered several complications during the procedure, including a clot that caused his death.

It was on the social networks of San Rafael in Vendimia, a local beauty contest that she herself had won almost 30 years ago and in which she was crowned viceroyalty of the department in 1996. Jacqueline has been part of this competition again and again and has dressed the participants through her fashion and jewelry companies on many occasions. That is why social networks were filled with condolences to the model from people who can not believe what happened at such a young age.

Carrieri had gone to the clinic where she underwent surgery accompanied by her two minor children, who are now left without their mother after this sad incident.

Only a month ago, model and presenter Silvina Luna also died after a buttock augmentation surgery in 2011. Since then, she had been struggling with various health problems resulting from this procedure, which ultimately led to the kidney failure that caused her death. In addition, 3 years ago we also learned about the death of model Joselyn Cano, Mexican Kim Kardashian, after another cosmetic surgery .

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