Money Heist Berlin: Is the Vienot Auction House in Paris Real?

Netflix’s ‘Berlin,’ a spin-off from the popular series ‘Money Heist,’ thrusts viewers into the intriguing world of Berlin’s past, delving into his life before the events at the Royal Mint of Spain. The gripping narrative unfolds as Berlin orchestrates a heist on the Vienot Auction House in Paris. While the Royal Mint of Spain is a tangible location, the question arises: Is the Vienot Auction House a real place in Paris, or is it another fictional setting created for dramatic effect?

The Artful Connection to Édouard Viénot

Contrary to the expectations of some eager viewers, the Vienot Auction House in ‘Berlin’ is not grounded in reality. Rather, it is a fictional construct meticulously crafted to propel the storyline forward. The name itself appears to be a nod to the esteemed French artist Édouard Viénot, born in 1804, renowned for his portraits of influential figures like Emperor Pedro II of Brazil and Marie Duplessis. The choice of this fictitious auction house underscores Berlin’s affinity for art and his penchant for targeting unconventional locales.

Berlin’s Unconventional Choices

In the ‘Berlin’ series, the decision to feature the Vienot Auction House over more conventional options like the Louvre speaks volumes about the character of Berlin. A connoisseur of art, Berlin thrives on challenging the norm and opting for unexpected choices. The Vienot Auction House, with its rare jewels from around the globe, presents a formidable challenge for Berlin. Unlike other heists portrayed in ‘Money Heist,’ the jewels are not permanently housed at the auction house, arriving over several days from diverse locations. The limited window for theft intensifies the challenge, adding an element of excitement to the storyline.

The Perfect Heist for Berlin

In the context of Berlin’s character development, the Vienot Auction House aligns seamlessly with his history. Before undertaking the monumental heist at the Royal Mint of Spain, Berlin gravitated towards less ambitious yet highly rewarding endeavors. The auction house mirrors Berlin’s preference for quick in-and-out operations, emphasizing his calculated approach to heists. While it might lack the grandiosity of the Professor’s elaborate plans, the Vienot Auction House offers a refreshing perspective on Berlin’s earlier exploits, showcasing his ability to navigate challenges with finesse.


As fans eagerly follow ‘Berlin’ on Netflix, it’s essential to recognize the blend of fiction and reality within the narrative. The Vienot Auction House, though not an authentic location in Paris, serves as a compelling backdrop for Berlin’s escapades, weaving a tale that combines artistry, challenge, and the unorthodox choices characteristic of this iconic character. In the realm of ‘Berlin,’ the line between reality and fiction blurs, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in a world where the improbable becomes captivatingly real.


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