My Hero Academia Chapter 402: Shigaraki vs Deku; Everything You Need to Know About the Manga Series

The new chapter of My Hero Academia is coming and the fans are wondering what the limits of the fight are bringing to the table. All might and all for one compete against each other and the fight continues to bring new twists to the story. Since the new version coincides with a final release date, it is expected that Deku and other characters will gain in importance. Fleck also plays an important role in the upcoming story. Here you will find everything you need to know about the latest.

Chapter 402: Summary of the previous chapter

In Chapter 401 of My Hero Academia, the intense battle between All Might and All for one has come to an exciting end. According to Gamerant, although he was significantly weakened, All Might bravely fought against his archenemy, using his fighting spirit and determination to significantly reverse All for his age. All for One, who had been tricked by all power in previous encounters, finally revealed his true power and cunning strategy.

Stain, who had a long-standing feud with all his might, joined the fight to help the former hero number one. He used his curdled ability to immobilize everyone for one, which gave Everyone the opportunity to strike a final blow. Stain’s unshakable belief in the value of all power as a hero prompted him to risk his life at this crucial moment. However, All for One has revealed a shocking contingency plan. He altered the properties of his own blood, rendering Stain’s ability useless, and quickly countered Stain’s attack, causing him to be crushed effortlessly. Everything tried to protect Stain, but this time he could not distract everyone for one.

All Might demonstrated unshakable determination and attacked everyone for one, but the villain launched a devastating explosion that seriously injured All Might. A timely intervention of Hercules saved all power from certain death, although he was still impressed. The chapter highlighted the uncompromising fighting spirit of All Might, as he refused to give up despite his weakened state. In the meantime, everyone emerged victorious from this fight for one and turned their attention to Shigaraki in order to get one step closer to their ultimate goals.

As the story approaches its final phase, the focus now shifts to the upcoming fight between Shigaraki and Izuku, with the sinister presence of All for One looming in the background.

My Hero Academia Chapter 402 Release Date and where to Read

The new chapter of My Hero Academia Chapter 402 is coming and the fans are excited to see what this dark phase of the manga brings to the table. Therefore, the final release date of MHA Chapter 402 is October 1, 2023 in the US, as reported in the media section. All chapters of the manga will be available only on the official pages of Viz Media and MangaPlus.

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