Natalia Almarcha, partner of Risto Mejide, denies her plastic surgeries

Natalia Almarcha is at the center of all criticism. Risto Mejide’s partner was the center of a criticism campaign on social networks criticizing the 26-year-old’s body, accusing her of having undergone one or more aesthetic surgeries on the body, especially on the chest. Your. Some speculations, to which both the young woman and her closest circle wanted to respond, reacted directly to criticism. In this way, the young woman had to reveal one of the most difficult moments of her life, in which she had to undergo surgery for a breast problem.

Mammoplasty, no, I have a double mastectomy, the pharmacist confirmed to ABC, where she explained the reason that prompted her to have this operation and breast reconstruction.

There are several precursors of breast cancer in the pharmacist’s family, which prompted her to undergo an examination to find out if her body is susceptible to the development of this disease. According to the medical report, she was positive for the BCRA gene, which causes breast and ovarian cancer, as ABC revealed. Faced with this result, she did not hesitate to make the decisive decision to remove her breasts so as not to suffer from this cancer . in addition, to think about removing your ovaries in the future with the same goal.

It was very difficult, the closest environment of the pharmacist told ABC, who added that she had lost a lot of weight and that the operation was particularly noticeable, but she was not operated for anything else, it was all wrong.

Natalia Almarcha, partner of Risto Mejide, denies her plastic surgeries

Future marriage with Risto Mejide

The young woman, who also occasionally appears as a model, focuses on her professional future in pharmacy and her personal future at Risto Mejide. And after a breakup due to a possible infidelity, the presenter of ‘Everything is a lie’ did not hesitate to get down on one knee and propose a ring of 7, 000 at dusk in Granada.

Although the proposal surprised Natalia and it was only a few months ago that they reconciled again, the pharmacist wanted to wait and did not give a resounding yes to Risto, hoping to be able to continue building the relationship.

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