Natalia Rodriguez wishes for the wedding of Nuria Fergo, her partner ‘OT’

Juan Pablo Lauro, ex of Irene Villa, has asked Nuria Fergo for her hand, and it is already being speculated whether there will be as many problems as that of Chenoa’s guest list, which has forgotten Rosa Lopez, among others .

Natalia Rodriguez is one of the participants of the first edition of ‘Operacion Triunfo’, who gets along better with the rest of her colleagues. She was one of those chosen to attend Chenoa’s wedding, where there were notable absences such as that of Rosa Lopez and controversies surrounding the guests .

The situation repeated itself once again, there was an exchange of very direct statements, because Rosa seems to be surprised that Nuria Fergo , who is going to marry Juan Pablo Lauro, announced the wedding through her Instagram account and did not tell her in person. . Nuria Fergo also talked about Rosa Lopez’s plans when she found out that Rosa was planning to get married and hadn’t told her. Will there be a similar situation as at Chenoa’s wedding?

At the premiere of The Phantom of the Opera in Madrid we could see Natalia Rodriguez, spectacular, in a black dress and with her legs. There she coincided with Nuria Fergo and had no problems talking about the controversies about whether a triumphant will attend the wedding or not. He also spoke of Irene Villa, ex and mother of the children of Nuria Fergo’s fiance, who was also present at the event. The two were under the same roof and there were no cataclysms: I know Irene Villa, she is very beautiful and I am glad that there is a good mood, especially for the children and for her.

Nuria Fergo is a the ideal guest at every wedding

Instagram, which so surprised Rosa, she was very clear and defended Nuria Fergo: Today everyone does it on Instagram and on social networks. It’s faster, like when you get married, like when you fall in love, like when you break up, Instagram is the communication platform.

She does not know if she will be among the guests, but she does not worry either: I do not know what the wedding will be like, the most important thing is that she likes it and that it’s her day. Did I mention that it will be a small wedding? Well, maybe only your family will do it. family and the closest people.

When asked about Rosa’s words, which said that it would be wonderful to bring everyone together at Nuria Fergo’s wedding, she replied that we already know that this is what Rosa says, but we already know that this is impossible.

Already at Chenoa’s wedding there was an exchange of statements. Rosa was upset that she was expelled from the marriage. Natalia did not want to get involved in whether there will be as many problems at this wedding as at Chenoa with the guests: since I’m not going to get married, I don’t care if it’s everyone’s problem, I’m not going to get married, I don’t have a boyfriend. I don’t have any children. Of course, she gave several convincing reasons why someone should invite her: I always mess up at weddings, get up to the microphone, dance, sing and give everything, and I like weddings.

When asked if one marriage leads to another, she replied: Mine certainly not, because I don’t even have a boyfriend. This refers to Manuel Alves, with whom she broke up in May of this year. Between the jokes, she explained that they broke her heart, but revenge was useless without alluding directly to her ex.

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