Natasha Pazaitis | her fashionable haircut flatters any woman over 50

The pixie cut by Natasha Pazaitis belongs to the top haircut trends for the fall of ’23.

Natasha Pazaitis is one of the women who impress every time with their appearance. At every exit, her elegant presence “fills” the space, while her hair is now considered her trademark.

In fact, the pixie cut that has been maintained for years belongs to the top hair trends of this autumn, with many famous women of all ages adopting it lately. In particular, this androgynous haircut is not only one of the most modern that you can do now, but it has the property of making you look much younger, thanks to its modern nature.

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Natasha Pazaitis has given him her own twist, making it completely her own: she cuts her hair so that the parting is on the side, with a very discreet fringe, while the back of the hair grows slightly covering the neck. In addition, it always keeps them straight and sleek, avoiding giving volume to the hair.

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