Netflix plans to increase prices soon 2023

The leading platform in the world of streaming was also the first to change the rules of the game, forced by the loss of users and the influence of competitors. These included unpopular financial decisions, which, however, are necessary to maintain the stability of these services. And they keep going. Therefore, Netflix will increase the price of its plans in a few months.

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As announced by the Wall Street Journal, Netflix will update the tariffs of its plans as soon as the strike of Hollywood actors, which began in July 2023, ends.

Netflix will increase again

The report assumes that the increase could begin in the USA and Canada, and then spread to other markets. Currently, Netflix offers three subscription plans, which vary depending on the number of connected devices. The prices in Spain are as follows:

  • With two basic plans, basic with ads for 5.49 euros per month and basic for 7.99 euros per month, you can watch Netflix on a single screen.
  • The standard plan costs 12.99 euros per month and you can watch Netflix on two screens at the same time.
  • The premium plan costs 17.99 per month and you can enjoy broadcasts on four screens at the same time.

Although the increase is taken for granted, it is not yet known how much this will affect the price.

Disney + also increased

However, Netflix is not the only platform that will increase. In August of this year, Disney + also completed a price increase, which is currently valid only in the United States, and announced the launch of the rumored plan with cheaper ads in 2024.

The monthly subscription to Disney + in the US cost $ 7.99. That is now the price for the subscription with ads. As an alternative, the company launched a new ad-free plan, Disney + Premium, which costs $ 10.99 per month or $ 109.99 per year.

Based on these prices, it is likely that in Spain we will maintain the 8,99 euros for the plan with ads and increase to 12,99 euros for the premium plan, with a price of about 119,99 euros per year.

The increase in fees for streaming services could force users to filter their preferences even more when it comes to getting a service. And after the boom of platforms over the past two years, perhaps now, when they are finally on the table, it is the real conditions under which the real struggle between these platforms can begin.

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