Netflix’s Squid Game Live Experience: A Thrilling Dive into the Show’s Deadly Challenges

In a bold move merging digital entertainment with real-world thrills, Netflix has introduced a $39 in-person ‘Squid Game Experience’ in Los Angeles. This immersive event invites fans to step into the heart-pounding challenges inspired by the hit series, Squid Game, which critically critiques capitalism.

The Games

For a mere general admission starting at $39, participants engage in a series of six adrenaline-pumping games, drawing direct inspiration from the infamous challenges within Squid Game. From the suspenseful Glass Bridge to the gripping ‘Gganbu’ marble-stealing game, attendees experience the show’s thrill without the dire consequences. A buzzing bracelet serves as a reminder of game losses, but players can push through and conquer all six challenges.

Netflix’s Unique Twist

Netflix adds a compelling twist by connecting the live experience to the show’s reality TV offshoot. Successful completion of all six challenges within the 70-minute timeframe promises priority casting consideration for Squid Game

The Trials, the recently renewed second season of the reality show. This incentive adds an extra layer of excitement and exclusivity for participants.

Strategic Partnerships

In collaboration with Samsung, one of Korea’s premier companies, Netflix integrates cutting-edge technology into the experience. Samsung devices capture pivotal moments during games, with the strategically positioned Galaxy S23 Ultra enhancing the iconic Red Light, Green Light. The immersive atmosphere extends to Samsung TVs and Galaxy mobile devices, heightening the overall experience.

Beyond the Games

Post-games, participants gain entry to a captivating ‘Korean Night Market,’ offering an array of street food and soju-infused cocktails. Netflix seizes the merchandising opportunity by offering the signature green tracksuit worn by Squid Game contestants. Additionally, arcade-style and mini-games inspired by the series are available for play, creating a comprehensive Squid Game-themed entertainment package.

Netflix’s Expansion Strategy

This in-person pop-up aligns with Netflix’s broader strategy to diversify beyond its streaming-only identity. The company explores avenues beyond its core service, from venturing into the gaming space, including VR, to launching brick-and-mortar retail stores. Netflix’s commitment to providing goods and experiences inspired by its media library is evident, with Squid Game following the success of pop-up experiences for other hit shows like Stranger Things and Bridgerton.


As Netflix continues to innovate and broaden its offerings, the Squid Game live experience serves as a testament to the streaming giant’s commitment to providing audiences with immersive, real-world connections to their favorite shows. The strategic blend of interactive games, technology integration, and the promise of a chance at stardom on Squid Game

The Trials make this pop-up a must-visit for fans. This event showcases how streaming services are evolving beyond traditional content delivery, creating a buzz that extends beyond the screen.

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