New Beginning: Treat Tooth Sensitivity And Improve Your Oral Health

The summer passed, and with it the carefree moments spent on the islands and beaches. Most of us have now returned to our base and our daily routine. But does this also apply to everyday oral health?

Sensodyne Repair & Protect invites you to improve your oral health and deal with tooth and gum sensitivity by brushing twice a day. Its new formulation with NovaMin technology protects against tooth hypersensitivity, reverses the signs of tooth sensitivity, rebuilds and strengthens the natural enamel.

How to recognize the signs of tooth sensitivity

Sensitive teeth are a common dental problem faced by millions of adults around the world. The unpleasant sensation when eating cold or hot drinks and food, even the sensation of pain when brushing vigorously, can cause discomfort and pain sensation. To avoid this unpleasant feeling, people with tooth sensitivity are moving away from simple daily habits and social interactions. Take a sensitivity test today to detect symptoms faster by clicking here.

What are the most common causes of tooth sensitivity?

Enamel wear: Enamel is the hard outer layer of teeth. Its wear and tear, whether due to incorrect habits such as excessive and hard brushing or the addition of acidic foods to our diet, can damage the enamel and even lead to the exposure of nerves and teeth can be affected.

Atrophy in the gums: loose tissue in the gums makes it possible to expose a significant surface of the teeth and their roots, as a result of which they become sensitive.

Tooth pressing: Tooth pressing can lead to wear and sensitivity of the enamel.

Poor eating habits: Eating large amounts of acidic foods and drinks can worsen sensitivity.

How can you deal with the problem?

Limit acidic foods: Minimize the consumption of acidic foods and drinks, such as carbonated drinks.

Use a special toothpaste: brushing your teeth twice a day with Sensodyne Repair & Protect with NovaMin technology, which protects against tooth hypersensitivity, can reverse the signs of tooth sensitivity and strengthen the natural enamel.

Do not neglect the visit to the dentist: visit your doctor at regular intervals for control and cleaning. If your dentist finds a sharp deterioration, special treatment may be required.

It is important to treat tooth sensitivity consistently. Daily care with Sensodyne Repair & Protect can significantly reduce the unpleasant feeling of sensitivity and provide long-lasting protection that will help you enjoy life without worrying about the pain of sensitive teeth.

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