New study confirms what we know: New York has the best restaurants in the world

TripAdvisor has just published its annual ranking of the best of the best restaurants, which crowns the best restaurants from all over the world in different categories and – surprise, surprise! New York is the most prominent city in the survey and is home to 13 world-class restaurants.

Considering that the ranking includes six continents, 58 countries and 478 different destinations, based on TripAdvisor reviews submitted on the platform from June 1, 2022 to May 31, 2023, this is a big deal.

The survey of the best of the best restaurants , which you can read in full here, is divided into seven main categories: fine dining, dates, everyday food, family atmosphere, quick snacks, hidden gems and vegetarian.

In the area of fine dining, perhaps the most sought-after part of the project, our iconic French destination Le Bernadin is ranked 23rd. Moreover, the restaurant, run by Eric Ripert, is actually the only one in the USA that appears in the top-25 ranking in the world.

By limiting our scope to American restaurants, Club a Steakhouse comes in at number 12, Daniel at number 14, Gramercy Tavern at number 18 and Brooklyn’s The River Cafe at number 23.

While we didn’t go into the Date Night and Family categories (facts that we take as confirmation that finding love in NYC is almost impossible), we made this up in the Hidden Gems part of the study.

In the US ranking, Katherine Meets Toni’s Downtown is ranked 6th, followed by Piccola Cucina Osteria at number 7, the Moderna Indian-Chinese fusion destination Spice Symphony at number 10, Giuliana’s Ristorante in Staten Island at number 15 and Il Punto Ristorante at number 25 .

It’s not news that the famous Eleven Madison Park is in 7th place in the national ranking of the best vegetarian restaurants, followed by PS Kitchen in Hell’s Kitchen in 8th place.

We are also proud to have the upper hand in the fast food section of the study, because what are New Yorkers if not a flock of hungry people in search of delicious food that they can immediately devour at any time of the day? The legendary Bleecker Street Pizza tops the national list, followed by Joe’s Pizza at number 3 and the unique Shake Shack (more precisely, the address of the theater district) at number 7.

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Well, ladies and gentlemen, there is nothing more to say: we are officially the home of the most delicious restaurants in the world. And if reading has whetted your appetite, feel free to check out our own list of the best restaurants in NYC for possible lunch and dinner ideas.

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