Newcomer In ‘Them For Them’ Wins As First Gender Reassignment For Non-Binary In Court

Actor, communicator, drag queen, comedian, influencer, activist and now I also sprinkle in the soap opera Elas por elas, his debut on television. Gahbi can be many. He was also Gabriel Borges, until he adopted the neutral stage name, when he recognized himself as a non-binary person who does not belong exclusively to one gender.

Among so many qualities, Gahbi is also a pioneer who was the first to achieve the correction of gender in documents in non-binary in an individual lawsuit in the Federal District Court. The achievement took place in December 2022 at the age of 34.

Throughout the process, which included moving to Rio from Brasilia, where she was born, Gabhi had the unconditional support of her mother Vera Adelaide. Being a mother of resistance, being a mother of an LGBT + person in a biased, violent, LGBT-phobic society and still choosing to love and support your son, daughter, son or daughter is an extremely revolutionary act of love! , he paid tribute in a post on the social network.

The actor kept the name of an angel, which he received from his parents, on the new certificate, but Gahbi is still waiting to get the document in Brasilia. Meanwhile, he sees his character in She for Her as a kind of guardian angel for Renee Maria Clara Spinelli and her children growing up.

Newcomer In 'Them For Them' Wins As First Gender Reassignment For Non-Binary In Court

At the end of September, the actor spoke about the procedure in an interview with the website of Heloisa Tolipan: although I received permission from the judge to correct the gender, I have not yet received my certificate. They delayed the process. I have not changed the name, the certificate continues Gabriel.

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