Nicki Nicole’s Featherweight gesture in the middle of the Latin Billboards 2023

Nicki Nicole is talking about featherweight like never before.

For weeks, the Argentine and the Mexican began to realize that there was something more between them besides friendship or a possible collaboration, after the remix of Por Las Noches.

Outings and trips confirmed the romance. But at the end of August, Nicki celebrated her birthday and posted a photo surrounded by a mountain of white flowers. He wrote: “Happy birthday to me. Someone made me a birthday altar.”

Featherweight replicated the image and added: “Happy birthday BB!”, with love emojis.

During the Billboard Latin Music Awards 2023, the performer of NO voy a llorar offered an interview to Telemundo, and it has to see if gesture when talking about the performer of LADY GAGA.

Watch her in the video above!

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