Noelia Lopez Confirms She’s Pregnant Again

The model, who became famous for the show Supermodel in 2007, has confirmed that she is three months pregnant, but still knows if it will be a boy or a girl.

The best news for Noelia Lopez. The model, born 36 years ago in Lebrija Seville, whose fame blossomed after her victory in the supermodel in 2007, has not confirmed to the reality show Cuatro that she is expecting her second child . For me, motherhood was much more difficult than I thought.

In the end, we adapt to everything with time and desire, but being an independent and working mother and having my family away is very striking, Noelia confessed with a crying facial emoticon on her social networks when talking about her first child Arnaldo.

The model accompanied other well-known faces to an event for the children’s clothing brand Mayoral and said that she is already three months old, but still knows whether it will be a boy or a girl. Although she still has a great figure and a flat stomach, the model confessed to us that she had to borrow pants to go to the event because she has already gained some weight and that she is very happy with the news.

Noelia Lopez Confirms She's Pregnant Again

Noelia Lopez and former footballer Roberto Jim Valuetez have been dating since last summer. Both have created a large family, which is now expanding with the arrival of this new baby. Roberto got along well with little Arnaldo as well as Noelia with her children Belise and Enzo.

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