Nuria Fergo Clarifies If She Is Friends With Irene Villa, The Fiance’s Ex

Nuria Fergo attended the premiere of the musical ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ in Madrid and beamed after her proposal. A year after the singer’s relationship with Juan Pablo Lauro became public, the couple announced their wedding.

Paris was the setting chosen by Irene Villa’s ex to propose to the ex-triumph in marriage. With a picture showing her engagement ring with her hands crossed and the Eiffel Tower in the background, the singer announced that she was happy to hear it through her social networks.

As already mentioned, Juan Pablo is the ex of Irene Villa and both coincided at the event this Tuesday, October 3rd. The relationship is good, but Nuria Fergo clarified that they are not friends. I will say it clearly. We are not friends . We are acquaintances who met at events, the artist commented. Did you call Irene Villa to tell her the great news about her wedding, or did she find out about it, like everyone else, through the networks? Nuria Fergo clarified that she did not call you about the bomb: you will call an ex to tell you these things.

Nuria Fergo Clarifies If She Is Friends With Irene Villa, The Fiance's Ex

Nuria Fergo explained to the press that the relationship is great, although they are not intimate. The relationship is super good and cordial because we all have a head. We want the best for the children and we have to have a warm relationship with them because we have to talk about them like I talk to my ex-partner who only talks about my daughter .

The singer is floating on cloud nine and confessed in the photo shoot that she had already thrown in the towel for love: I did not expect something so beautiful. I had given up on love and the universe wanted me to find a wonderful person.

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