Nuria Roca Has High-Waisted Jeans That Suit Everyone Well And Are In Zara

Fashion trends can change every year, but a good wardrobe is the key to dressing well with little effort. We could talk to you about how important it is to always have at least one pair of jeans that fits like a glove, but surely you have seen many times how great the strength is to make flattering combinations at every opportunity.

Finding the jeans that suit us best is not always easy, because sometimes we get lost in the huge variety of existing models. ‘Fit mother’,’Boyfriend’, ‘skinny’… the possibilities are endless. However, there is one design that you can always do right, and this is the classic straight jeans. The last look of Nuria Roca is proof of this.

The collaborator ‘El Hormiguero’ has a huge collection of colored pants in her closet, including a metallic design and another with pink darts , but she is also aware of the importance of basics such as black pants or jeans. just like the ones you used in the last Antena 3 program.

Nuria chose a model with a twist: the rolled hem. The key to maximizing the benefits? Choose a model with a high waist and in this case wear it with the top outfit, a printed shirt that is tucked in to highlight the waist. Add some high heels and you will enhance this awesome effect. The words of Nuria Roca.

You have seen how good this type of jeans is and now you certainly want, no, you need others like this in your wardrobe. Well, we tracked down a similar model at Zara, but in this case without the rolled hem. They will sort it out for you and all of them this fall, so don’t think about it and go for them.

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